House & Building Washing

When we get to the job, we evaluate how dirty the house or building is and that determines the amount of bio-degradable cleaning solution we use. We then set up our equipment and proceed to clean.

Using brushes, we scrub the whole house or building to remove any debris or stains from doors, windows, seals, gutters siding and trim. We do not miss any areas.

Once the house is washed, scrubbed and rinsed. We apply a non-streak wax to add the finishing touch.

Deck Cleaning & Finishing

1. Cleaning

Carefully, we first remove any furniture or debris away from the deck or fence area. That includes covering the shrubs and plants as needed in order to prevent damage.

The first step is to properly prep the deck or fence. The next step is to determine how much stripper and cleaners are needed in order to remove the old finish. We then apply a brightener to the wood to get it as light as possible.

2. Wood Repairs

Occasionally boards or railings will need to be replaced. Areas will need to be tightened up with screws. Prior to replacing anything we will notify the customer for approval to replace them.

3. Sealing and Staining

Once the wood has dried completely, which normally takes 1-2 days depending on the weather. We return to seal and stain the deck or fence.

We then proceed to prep the deck for sealing and staining.

We evaluate the area for the amount of sun or shade that they receive through out the course of a day. That will determine what materials we will need to use to provide the best outcome on your deck or fence.

Every job is different in its own unique way. We evaluate the situation first and then make the best judgment for our customers in order to have the customer get the most use out of their deck or fence.