Are you insured?
Yes, we update our insurance every six months and carry a proof of insurance on every job.

Are the cleaning products you use safe?
Yes. We pride ourselves on our safety record, having never damaged or killed a plant or had an employee or customer injured in our entire history. The safety of your family, pets, and property as well as our employees is our main concern. Our cleaners are 100% biodegradable and are formulated specifically for exterior housewashing, there is no need to cover your bushes or grass to protect them from our cleaners.

Are all mobile power washing contractors equal?
Absolutely Not, anyone can purchase a power washing machine, but without the proper training and skill, you can do more damage than good. In today’s economy, Power washing contractors are a dime a dozen. You’ll find the fly by night contractors -Yes, they might be cheaper, but always remember you get what you pay for. After they’ve came and destroyed your property, (which we see happen all the time), You’ll need to call me to come and access the damage they’ve destroyed and hopefully it can be fixed.

What equipment do you use?
We use the latest in Hot water chemical injected pressure washers, (Hot water does make the difference) pressures ranging from 1200 psi to 6000 psi up to 12 gpm, which covers all residential and commercial work. Our machines are mounted in trailers, which are 100% mobile and capable of carrying 750 gallons of water in each of our rigs. In our trailers, we carry all of the necessary tools and gadgets needed to effectively clean and complete the project. We do not have any down time.

Does your equipment mean I'll get a better job?
YES! Hot water beats cold water hands down. Hot water helps the detergent work faster and removes stains that cold water can't. Hot water also melts certain things that cold water just bounces off of, like gum and grease and other debris.

What results can I expect?
We provide our clients with honest and accurate information up front, like the fact that some stains may not be removable. When we give our estimate all areas that cannot be cleaned will be pointed out and noted prior to us starting the job. I stress to my customers, that if I cannot remove it, no one can. This is based on my 17 years of experience on the job. We research cleaning agents on a regular basis to see if there is anything better out there. We always use the best materials on every job.

What are the dark stains on my siding and how can they be removed?
The dark stains you see is mold. Mold needs to grow is moisture (humidity) and a food source and it will grow anywhere. Mold can be removed with low pressure and the right chemicals.

Can black streaks on my gutters be removed?
Black streaks on your gutters are in the oxidation layer of the paint. The black streaks can be removed with low pressure and the right chemicals.

What is this white powdery stuff on my brick? Can it be removed?
White powdery residue is called Efflorescence. It’s caused by water seeping through, it dissolves into salts inside and later evaporates leaving the salt residue on the surface. It can be removed with the right pressure and chemicals.

My wood turning gray, can you bring back the color?
Any exposer to water and sun may cause wood to turn gray. Staining and sealing your deck or fence every 2 years will prevent your wood from turning graying.

Who will be doing the job?
All of our team members have to pass a two year training course with the owner in the use of equipment, proper washing techniques, proper staining and sanding, safety and customer service. You can relax in the knowledge that the technician on your job is experienced, well trained, polite and will treat your home as if it were his. Our business is made up predominately of referral customers (more than 70%), and we intend to keep it that way.

Do I need to be home when you’re working on my property?
No, because we understand that you are just as busy as we are. We do ask that you close all of your windows, clear your driveway or deck and put away fragile decorations on your home or deck.

Is an outdoor water source needed?
Yes, a water source is required and saves you money. However, we can provide the water additional charges apply.

Why is insurance important?

Many contractors state they have insurance, but few actually have more than an automobile policy. If damage occurred to your home by a contractor, or an injury on your property you could easily be held responsible. Always ask for proof of insurance. That little question cold save you thousands of dollars.

Will pressurized water be forced under my siding?
ABSOLUTELY-NOT! We use low pressure method when spraying your house. You will find out company to be more effective cleaning at low pressure to ones that use more pressure because we use a well thought out technique that will cause no damage to your house.

Will there be streaks on my windows after you clean my house?
No because that's included at no additional charge in all of our house washes. We will squeegee all of your windows on the first story at no additional charge. We also use a self neutralizing soap that leaves no streaks or film on your windows.

Will you send us a reminder notice when your service needs to be done again?
Yes, once we complete your job, we automatically place you on our reminder list. We recommend keeping your property up to date.

Do you have references?

YES! We have been in business since 1993 and clean more than any other power washing business in Southeast Michigan. We have hundreds of references and would be happy to provide you with as many as you'd like. Check out our Testimonial page to see what satisfied customers have to say about our services.