Letter from the President


When I started Prime & Design in 1993, my goal was quite simple. To treat every customer the way I wished to be treated, honest and fair while providing the best quality work and competitive prices. We began with one van and one machine, but it did not last long. We received so much praise from our customers when I started that referrals were the only thing I needed to increase my business. I envision Prime & Design always being a small privately owned business that focuses on 100% customer satisfaction in both commercial and residential sectors.


I hesitated every year to build a website; however, I decided that I want to provide more information to my customers to confirm that are making the right choice by selecting Prime & Design. Additionally, customers can stay updated on the latest products and services offered.


We have advanced our career and knowledge base by formal education, meeting with top specialists in the industry, seminars, and hands on experience. I have heard all the horror stories from customers like you who have hired the handyman, or the neighbor’s friend who has a power washer and claims to do the same job as a professional. That to me is the biggest problem today. I often end up doing more repair work from previous mishaps performed by my competitors than new work.


We know how to protect your precious investments with a satisfaction guarantee. If you hire Prime & Design, you are getting a full time mobile washer with the best knowledge and equipment available. I have invested a considerate amount of time and money to get the best equipment, the safest solutions in order to protect your investments. My units are 100% mobile. Our complete mobile units are equipped to handle the the smallest to the largest jobs. We are able to maintain a heat level of 220 degrees, (hot water does make the difference).


My goal is to keep you as a faithful, trustworthy, and long term customer. I have many customers who call me on a regular basis to get an appointment. They do not even ask “how much” it’s going to cost because they trust me enough to do the job and get it done right. They know how sincere I am about my work and my reputation. In the 10 years I have been in business, I have always received prompt payment due to the attention to detail, timeliness, and fair pricing. Today, that is hard to find from a major corporate run business that only concentrates on the bottom line. I do not turn away any customers in need regardless of job size. I have an outstanding number of customer references justifying my work ethic and performance. You will not have a better experience than with Prime & Design.



Ken McMullen